CEI was founded in 2017 to serve the needs of healthcare facility and construction departments by being a General Contractor who will take the responsibility of handling your maintenance and renovation projects without constant involvement and oversight from the facility & construction managers.

We know that healthcare facility & construction departments are now expected to run up to 20 projects at one time.  You need to be able to trust and rely upon your General Contractors to:

  • Produce reliable pricing & identify any scope gaps to avoid change orders during construction.
  • Construct your projects without interrupting patient care.
  • Finish the project quickly so patient care can continue.
  • Maintain the project budget and manage unforeseen costs.
  • Uphold the safety & quality standards of the facility for all projects.
At CEI, Inc. we provide the service and expertise to meet these needs.  Imagine working with a GC who cares about the success of your project as much as you do. We aim for the construction process to be as fun for you as it is for us.  


“It is important to me to create spaces to improve the health and well-being of the community I call home. Through CEI, I can contribute positively to my community by bridging joy, collaboration, and creativity with local hospitals and medical spaces ensuring a quality and uplifting experience for my neighbors, family, and friends.”
After studying pre-med, volunteering in a hospital, and realizing she didn’t have the emotional constitution to “take care of patients,” Mouji Linarez ended up getting a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering and Construction Management.  

She chose to become a part of the design and construction community in 2000 because she firmly believes in the “Power of Place” and the impact we have on the communities we build in.  Linarez truly loves her industry and the people that have dedicated themselves to the industry's success.  

We are builders, we create, and what we do matters.  After seeing how taxed facilities departments are, CEI, Inc. was founded to bring a higher level of service and expertise to the small renovation projects in hospitals and medical office buildings.  With our team of seasoned superintendents and project managers, and Mouji’s personal involvement in every project, we execute our projects by planning properly, communicating with all the stakeholders, self-performing over 50% of the work, executing the work faster than most companies, and delivering a high quality finished area to resume patient care with minimized interruptions.

Meet our Team


Erin comes from a family of builders and is a Florida Native.  She was CEI’s first hire and we are proud to have her on our team. She promotes an attitude of cooperation on the jobsite and our client’s love how she listens to what is most important to them.  When she isn’t on the jobsite you can find her fishing, hunting, or wrestling alligators!

julian varona, SUPERINTENDENT

Julian Varona, originally from Cali Columbia, has over 20 years experience in property management in South Florida and assists both with field supervision and project management.  Spending so many years on the Owner’s side, The end users love Julian, as he always sees through the Owner’s eyes first!  When he is not working you will find him enjoying his family.  His passion is travel and he looks forward to his annual family Christmas camping / ski trip.


Scott, a Florida native, began his career over 30 years ago at Home Depot.  He has been in numerous roles throughout his career and is one of our leading superintendents due to his ability to resolve any challenge we may come up against.  Scott’s sarcasm is bound to make you laugh!  As he says, “I really like my job, but I love my time off!”  When he is not at work you will find him at the dog park, sleeping in, or working on his house.


Bill Broc is a native New Yorker and is the newest addition to our Superintendent team.  He is a “Jack of all trades, Master of None”, with 15 years experience in construction.  He is a hand’s on superintendent who can fix just about anything.  His passions are photography and art; when he is not a the jobsite you may find him underwater, scuba diving, on the side of the road fly fishing or out hunting.


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